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Australian grown chemical free garlic

Monaro Purple is now sold out

Dunganski available February 2017 (see below)

Monaro Purple

Buy premium quality hard neck Monaro Purple garlic, which has a good rich garlic flavor - hot raw but milder and nuttier when roasted. We grow our garlic in some of the spare rows we have in the vineyard

Garlic growing in the spare rows in the vineyard 

Our rich basalt soil and cool crisp winters are perfect for growing dense, full-flavoured, sweet garlic. We hand plant and harvest our garlic, and grow it according to organic and biodynamic principles. We prepare the soil with organic and mineral soil conditioners, and biodynamic preparations in summer, and sow our garlic during March and April. We nurture the garlic all winter, keeping it mulched, watered, and weeded, before harvesting in November.

Starting the garlic harvest 2015 

The harvested garlic is hung in the shed to air-dry, which is when it develops its best flavor profile. Each bulb contains between 10 and 12 cloves, regardless of the size of the bulb, so the bigger the bulb, the bigger the clove. Ideal for garlic lovers… Our bulbs usually weigh between 50-100grams, but this year we have grown bulbs as large as 140 grams!

Garlic drying 2015 

Our garlic is only available in season, so get your orders in now.

Garlic bunches - 500gms

You can buy your garlic in individual corms or buy a bunch at our cellar door or at one of the markets we attend. Alternatively you can order via our CATALOGUE. Our Manaro Purple garlic will keep until March/April. Just hang some in the kitchen and it will keep you in garlic for a while.

Monaro Purple reportedly first appeared in the Snowy Mountains around 80 years ago when the workers on the Snowy Hydro Scheme brought the garlic out from Europe. The name Monaro comes from the Monaro region of Southern NSW.


We have trialled the growing of a late variety of garlic this year that originates from Afganistan / Uzbeckistan. The bulbs are small but full of flavour. We will have a limited quantity for sale at our market stall but we do not have sufficient quantity to be able to offer it via the website.


Due to quarantine regulations we can only ship to NSW, ACT, VIC and QLD.

Delivery is made by Australia Post.

We only send orders on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday to ensure that your garlic does not sit in the depot over the weekend.

Garlic braidsGarlic can be ordered online in the following packages:-

  1. 1kg - $35
  2. 500gms - $20
  3. 2kg - $65

See our Catalogue to order. Delivery is via Australia Post and postage will be added when you order.